With BullfrogPay, all students purchase meals or access their Meal Plan account with a swipe of their student card.

Social Distancing: Keeping students safe at lunchtime

As we prepare for the safe re-opening of K-12 schools, our eCommerce solutions facilitate social distancing in school cafeterias and tuck shops. Learn more about social distancing solutions for your school.

With the BullfrogTech school cafeteria point of sale system, everyone gets what they need.

BullfrogTech’s POS system makes it easy for cafeteria staff, students, and administrators. Everyone works in the same online system.


BullfrogPay is added to any student ID card. Now parents load money into their children’s BullfrogPay account and their children use their student ID card to make on-campus purchases in the cafeteria, tuck shop or other venues. Parents no longer have to send cash to school with BullfrogPay. Students order lunch on their phones with our Mobile Ordering App. The student experience is the same for those buying their lunch and those on a Meal Plan. It will all be done through the student cards with BullfrogPay.

Cafeteria Staff

Our POS system can be configured for any cafeteria and customized to the needs of your school. Training is easy and intuitive.


We want to make it simple for every student to get a lunch

On-Campus Cafeteria and Tuck Shop operations are all managed from the Bullfrog Cloud. Manage your Items, POS Menus, cafeteria staff all from one place. Your accounting team will appreciate the ease, efficiency, and flexibility of reporting data. We understand the specialized needs of schools and have tailored our reporting to accommodate. Select and sort your data, export to other programs, and report quickly — all with the confidence of knowing your data is secure. View specific campus revenue by location, by point of sale terminal, by product group or by many other filters. Reconciliation of all payment types including credit cards, cash and internal billings is available on our dashboard immediately after each site closes for the day. Legacy cash register revenue will also be tracked in the same day end process, which is ideal for low to medium revenue points in your locations where budgets are tight. Find out more about how BullfrogTech can help you manage your campuses.

Want to see it for yourself?

"System reliability has always been critical as we are processing up to 1,500 students in 45 minutes for lunch. Bullfrog Enterprise POS has handled our sites volume very well. The system also helped us make significant improvements to our Cash Handling procedures."

— Lora R., Food Services Director, K-12 Cafeteria

We are a certified ISV Toshiba Partner


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The Bullfrog POS system is intuitive and customizable. Update menus, items, employee data and more across all your POS terminals from one place: the Bullfrog Cloud.
BullfrogPay is a virtual declining balance account that is assigned to student, employee, and ID cards with an RFID chip or barcode.