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School Services

Increase tracking ability and money management with our industry-leading Point of Sale system. Use real time data to monitor fees, invoices, payments, and inventory. Your accounting team will thank you!

Food Services

Manage your cafeterias with a future-proof solution. Integrate real time data, tracking, and easy-to-use hardware into your current POS flow. Take your food services experience to the next level.

Government Services

Manage your municipality, events, and Point of Sale environments with ease. BullfrogTech is experience at the government level, and knows the landscape well. Stay up to code, while decreasing costs, maintenance, and downtime.

Reach Your Potential

It's easier than you think.

BullfrogTech offers a full suite of industry-leading solutions for the POS space. Look to the future of your business, as we scale your payment operations. Manage more methods, turnover, and opportunities with our Cloud-Based POS software.

Working with the Bullfrog team is a pleasure, the software performance is second to none, cloud reporting provides comprehensive data at a glance and support is always within a timely manner.

Bettina, Cashless Schools

Increase Your Functionality

You won’t believe you lived without it.

Whether you’re a large scale operation, or about to be one, BullfrogTech prepares you with innovative technology to track and grow your business. Realtime reporting gives you access to data that ranges from granular to high level — with the management tools to ensure everyone has access to just the right level of information.

Increase Your Uptime.

Run your business, not your hardware.

Repairs without repairmen — get great uptime and value. Our state of the art POS hardware is easy to use, repair and replace — not that you’ll need to very often. Get used to more uptime, lower total cost of ownership, and more reliable machines from POS leaders.

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BullfrogTech handles millions of transactions across many businesses.

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