Cloud Based POS

Seamless Storage & Access

All your POS information, guidelines and stats are available from anywhere. Use the cloud for ultimate security, safety and up time.

We allow you to scale as quickly as your business is growing.

Add new lanes, update existing ones, and control consistency and service across the board.

Push Notifications

Realtime Stats, Summaries & Profits

BullfrogTech provides a wealth of actionable data and information, available on a customizable level.

Our advanced reporting is easy to digest, and built for businesses of any size.

Know what's happening, as it's happening.

Modular Hardware

Repairs without Repairmen, Great Uptime & Value

Our state of the art POS hardware is easy to use, repair, and replace - not that you'll need to very often.

Get used to more uptime, lower total cost of ownership, and more reliable machines.