What Is BullfrogPay?

BullfrogPay is a virtual wallet that is added to any student card, employee card, or RFID card. It works with the Bullfrog POS system, and our Mobile Ordering App.

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BullfrogPay simplifies transactions.

BullfrogPay is added to any ID card, which will turn any employee, student, campus, and recreation card into a debit card. Caregivers add any sum to dependents virtual wallets to spend at any pre-approved vendors.

Social Distancing: Keeping everyone safe at lunchtime

BullfrogPay is a unique way to safely and securely accept payments without ever needing to handle cash. Book a demo to learn more.

BullfrogPay makes it easy to pay for meals.

BullfrogPay is a declining balance product. What does this mean? Similar to Apple Pay or a Starbucks Card, customers simply load money and go! You load or auto-load money onto your ID card or parents load money on their child’s student card. Your ID card becomes a debit card. Don’t worry – your dependent won’t be able to use all the money in the virtual wallet all at once! Daily spending caps are set on cards. BullfrogPay is a secure payment service – BullfrogPay is a server-sided system and no personal information is kept on record.

We are a certified Toshiba TCAP Partner


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