Small Transactions – Can We Afford to Use Credit Cards?

When your finance team takes a look at all the individual banana transactions in the last quarter, it might cause them to cringe. Why? Small transactions are costly.

Here’s what we’re seeing in cafeterias and food services in K-12 schools, office cafeterias, health care, senior care and recreation centres:

Challenge: Transactions average less than $10.
With small average transactions, credit card fees will be more onerous on a transaction by transaction basis.

Solution: With BullfrogPay, payment processing costs are greatly reduced which is critical for small value transactions.

Users still use a credit card to load funds onto their account. All transactions are then processed using BullfrogPay, so there is a significant reduction in credit card transactions.

BullfrogPay Fast Facts

  • BullfrogPay’s payment authorization network can be used for all mobile and face to face transaction processing.
  • BullfrogPay can only be used at your facility.
  • The BullfrogPay account can be linked to any existing ID card. This includes a Student ID, Employee ID or even Security Access Cards. Biometrics is yet another option.

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