How to Facilitate Social Distancing at K-12 School Cafeterias


With some schools reopening in select Provinces across Canada, it’s hard to ignore concerns felt by students, parents, teachers and other education team members. As a global society, we are learning as we go, taking precaution step-by-step, reopening businesses and services in phases. 

For schools in select Provinces that are reopening for June 2020 – this will be a test-run and will help inform what September 2020 might look like. Check out CBC Kids News, When Will Your School Reopen Map.

Social distancing at schools is HARD.

Our eCommerce solutions can help students social distance in the cafeteria. Here is how:

Our Mobile Ordering App manages the flow and volume of  people coming and going from the cafeteria – it is social distancing “traffic control”. Accessible from any device (phone, tablet or computer), our mobile app can mirror your cafeteria POS system and is easily customizable. By managing the flow of people coming in and out of the cafeteria, everyone can get their meal safely and on time.

BullfrogPay is a unique way to safely and securely accept payments without ever needing to handle cash. It can be added to any student card, employee card, or RFID card and can be managed virtually through our online dashboard. It is fully integrated with the Bullfrog POS system and our Mobile Ordering App. Daily spending limits can be set for your BullfrogPay card and your account history is available 24/7. Eliminate the need for cash and keep your cafeteria team, employees and students safer. 

Our top priority is to keep our community safe. Please get in touch with us or book a demo using the links below to learn more about how you can implement these social distancing measures in your school or organization.

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