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With our Mobile Ordering App your students, employees, residents or guests order from their phone in a flash and skip the line.
Customize your POS menus, update Item pricing and update staff information easily across all of your POS terminals at all of your locations.
Access your POS data from any device, at any time.
Easy to install and intuitive for staff to use.
Administrators manage cash, reconcile and update financial systems all in one place.
With BullfrogPay, customers pay with their existing ID cards issued from your institution.

Supporting social distancing

Our eCommerce solutions facilitate social distancing for cafeterias and other food services.

Industries Overview

Parents load money into virtual wallets attached to their children’s student card with BullfrogPay. Make your cafeteria cashless.
Your Employees order food and beverages on their phones from your institution’s cafeteria in minutes and skip the line.
Make it easy for your residents and their family or guests to pay for meals at your facilities.
Busy staff members order food and beverages on their phones from your institution’s cafeteria and choose a pick up time convenient for them.
With BullfrogPay, participants pay for swimming lessons and chocolate milk all on the same recreation card.

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The Bullfrog POS system is intuitive and customizable. Update menus, items, employee data and more across all your POS terminals from one place: the Bullfrog Cloud.


BullfrogPay is a virtual declining balance account that is assigned to student, employee, and ID cards with an RFID chip or barcode. This wallet is used to pay for purchases at any of your on-campus locations within your institution.

Mobile Ordering

Order and pay on your phone. Skip the lines in your work and school cafeteria.

Meal Plan

Design a meal plan easily for every student on financial assistance so they get what they need.

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